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Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu is a non-profitable museum focusing on collection, research and exhibition. Since the establishment of MOCA Chengdu in 2011, it has collected a number of famous and representative contemporary artworks. The collection is categorized in two types, collected artworks and donated ones, which are mainly contemporary art easel paintings, including many other forms such as multimedia, sculpture and video, from artists comprising Fang Lijun, Yue Minjun, Zhou Chunya, He Dongling, Zhang Xiaogang, Wang Guangyi, Zeng Fanzhi, Liu Xiaodong, Liu Wei, Yu Hong, Zhan Wang, Sui Jianguo, Xiang Jing etc. Zhan Wang’s Gift from Paradise is especially created for the opening of MOCA Chengdu.

MOCA Chengdu warmly receives all artists’ works and collectors’ donations while it does collection itself. There will be long-term collection exhibitions for all artistic professionals and lovers to appreciate and research.