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Visiting Notes

For the safety concern of exhibition works and to create good exhibition environment, Chengdu MOCA requests the audiences to abide by the following rules:

1.   The following persons are declined admission

01. The disheveled are declined to enter.

02. Street vendors and advertisement distributors are declined to enter. It‘s prohibited to do

any form of sales inside the museum.

03. With mental illness (Mild patients should be attended by guardians)

04. Children under age 12 should be attended by adults.

05. Senior citizens with physical disabilities should be attended with nursing person.

2.   The following items are not allowed in the museum

01. Weapons, controlled knives, flammable,explosive, toxic and other dangerous goods

02. Any writing or painting tools (exceptspecial events)

03. Pets

04. Food and drinks

05. Luggage beyond 40cmX25cm are declined to enter. (Audience’s big bags can be

deposited in free lockers. Please keep valuable things with you).

3.   The following activities are forbidden inthe museum

01. Smoking, using open fire

02. Eat and drink in the exhibition areas

03. Undertake business activities

04. Lay down on the seat or other uncivilized behavior

05. Touch exhibits and other exhibition equipment

06. Climbing outdoor artworks

07. Unauthorized photography or copying exhibits

08.Take photo or camera in exhibition rooms and areas with a no photo sign

09.Use flash lights and tripod inside the exhibition room.

10. Carve, graffito or post

11. Make noise, chase, play around and influence others to visit

4.    Keep the museum clean, take care of the exhibits and building facilities, keep a certain distance

with the exhibits

5.    Abide by the visiting rules consciously,pay attention to public safety. When accidents happen,

please listen to the staff arrangements.

6.    Children, disabled and senior citizens with physical disabilities can use perambulators and wheel

chairs provided by Chengdu MOCA for free.

7.    Services

01.   Free parking lot for big, medium and small vehicles.

02.   Free locker for bags and small items of audiences to Chengdu MOCA.

03.   Free using of baby-stroller, wheel-chair for particular audiences. Meanwhile there are

umbrellas for audiences for suddenly change of whether.

04.   ScreeningRoom: The multi-functional screening room is a professional place for audience to

appreciate video features screened in Chengdu MOCA. It has an area of 150 square meters and

is equipped with high quality audio and video equipment,professional lightings and central air

condition system etc.

05.Conference Room for holding lectures and forums: It covers 130 square meters, equipped

with quality audio system,simultaneous translation system and central air conditioning.

06. MOCA store to provide copies, books,gifts and derivatives of art and special design of

artists and designers.

07.   Café(Reader’s Bar): café to provide good beverage and dinning service whil ereader’s

bar for free reading of art and other professional books.

08.   Consultancy:Any problem you can call our hotline 028-85980055 or visit the website

as follows:

Official website:

Official microblog:

Official douban:

Closing on Mondays

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